Biodegradable cat litter – COSYCAT

Our biodegradable cat litter is kind to the environment during manufacturing, transport and disposal.

Biodegradable cat litter is eco-friendly
COSYCAT is a biodegradable cat litter and 100% natural because it is made from untreated wood fibres. Combined with urine, the wood fibres form very tight and stable clumps. Since no chemical additives are introduced, the biodegradable cat litter can be returned to the earth without any concerns after being used. Application and disposal of the cat litter are extremely easy. From manufacturing and transport to disposal, the carbon footprint is small. With COSYCAT clumping litter, you save our planet and pamper your cat!

Advantages at a glance

COSYCAT has many advantages for cats and the environment:

Renewable resources

We use timber from sustainably managed forests to manufacture our biodegradable cat litter COSYCAT. This is the reason why our products bear the PEFC label. The label is granted by independent certification bodies and guarantees that the raw materials used originate from sustainably managed forests. PEFC is the abbreviation of Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. It is an international programme aimed at improving the use and management of forests The resolution was passed at the conferences subsequent to the Environmental Conference in Rio in 1992.

Wood as a secondary raw material

For COSYCAT we use so-called secondary raw materials, meaning the by-product arising from timber processing. Consequently, no trees are felled to manufacture our cat litter.

Eco-friendly disposal

Our wood fibres are compostable. Therefore, the biodegradable cat litter COSYCAT can be disposed of in the organic waste bin or with household waste. Since our compostable clumping litter is very light, it weighs little, even when disposed of. When disposed of as household waste, COSYCAT is burnt and produces thermal heat, which can be used for heating, for example. In industrial composting facilities, the used cat litter is heated so that it produces hygienically safe compost in a short time. Whether you may put COSYCAT in the organic waste bin depends on the regulations of your local contractor. Your waste disposal company will be happy to advise you. Of course, you can also dispose of the cat litter on the compost heap in your garden. This is hygienically safe, if you make sure that the material can rot sufficiently and if you use only mature compost. Take care that the compost heap consists of a good mix of materials to avoid over-fertilizing the soil. No matter which method of disposal you choose, COSYCAT is eco-friendly in all cases.

Eco-friendly manufacture

The only energy source we use to manufacture COSYCAT is electricity. In our production facilities, we use purely mechanical procedures to chop, grind and granulate the timber and to remove any dust. No exhaust emissions and no waste are generated during the entire production process.

Climate-saving transport

The greater the weight of the product to be transported, the more harmful CO2 is generated during transport. Since wood fibres are very light, they produce only low CO2 emissions during transport. Therefore, the ecological footprint of our biodegradable cat litter is very low compared with mineral cat litter.

Biodegradable cat litter for healthy hygiene

Our biodegradable clumping litter COSYCAT is very well compatible with the health of humans and cats because it is virtually dust-free and antibacterial. Using a special manufacturing process, we reduce the dust emission to a minimum. Since COSYCAT is 100% ecological and easily digestible, it is also suitable for kittens, who like to taste the litter.

Biodegradable cat litter – COSYCAT

The biodegradable cat litter COSYCAT is friendly to the environment

  • Is manufactured from wood fibres
  • Is lightweight and can be transported with low CO2 emissions
  • Is compostable; in a composting facility, the wood fibres produce hygienically safe compost
  • Can be disposed of with household refuse; when burnt in incinerators, the wood fibres produce heating energy

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