Clumping cat litter for stable clumps

Clumping cat litter in different grain sizes

Our clumping cat litter COSYCAT is a cat- and climate-friendly litter. The sustainable cat litter is manufactured from pure plant fibres, which are processed to produce soft, low-dust particles. They are pleasant for the cat’s paws and good for your wallet because the clumping litter is highly economical.  When used correctly, the clumping cat litter transforms the cat toilet into a feelgood place for humans and cats. No odours, stable clumps, easy disposal.

Filling the cat toilet

Fill the empty and clean litter box with COSYCAT clumping cat litter. The layer in the box can be between five and ten centimetres deep. Depending on the size of the litter box and the depth of the litter layer, you’ll need five to ten litres of COSYCAT for one filling.

Removing litter clumps

When your cat uses the litter box, COSYCAT absorbs the urine instantly and traps all odours. Nothing seeps through because the granules of the top layer form stable clumps when they come into contact with urine. You can easily remove the urine clumps with a litter scoop. Single clumps can be disposed of directly in a flush toilet. It is best to wait an instant until the clump slightly dissolves in the water before activating the flush.

Leftover cat litter remains clean

When your cat has used the cat toilet, abundant clean litter remains in the box. After removing the clumps, you can continue to use the remaining litter. The fibres that have had no contact with the urine stay fresh and odour-free. Depending on how frequently your cat uses the cat toilet, the clumping litter can be used for up to several weeks. If the layer gradually becomes thinner, top up the box with new cat litter. You should empty the cat toilet completely every 6 to 8 weeks and dispose of the remaining cat litter. Then clean the cat toilet and fill it with fresh litter.

Disposing of COSYCAT cat litter

When you clean out the cat toilet, you can dispose of the leftover litter in the organic waste bin or with household refuse. Please observe the regulations of your local disposal company. Our COSYCAT clumping litter is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment, no matter whether you dispose of it in the organic bin or with household waste.


Clumping cat litter with special properties

Strong odour-neutralising effect

As soon as the cat’s urine comes into contact with our plant fibres, the litter forms stable clumps. The extremely absorbent fibres quickly trap large urine flows along with the accompanying unpleasant odour, ensuring that your cat toilet always smells clean.

Highly absorbent

We use wood fibres to manufacture COSYCAT. Wood is absorbent by nature. With our special processing techniques, we can transform this natural property into superpowers  😉

Our special process
We reduce the wood to coarse chips. Then we grind the chips into fine wood fibres, increasing the natural absorbency of the fibres from 100% to 150%. For COSYCAT, however, we want the absorbency to be higher than 800%. We therefore process the fibres into fine granules. We sieve the granules and remove the dust. This way we produce a clumping cat litter with particles that are almost dust-free, very soft and extremely absorbent.

Granulated clumping cat litter

Quickly absorbent

Cat litter must soak up high amounts of liquid. This is why we place such great emphasis on the fact that COSYCAT absorbs more than 800% of its own weight. But this alone is not enough. COSYCAT soaks up liquids exceptionally fast. When a cat uses the toilet, the urine comes into contact with the top layer and is immediately enclosed in the fibres. If the liquid were absorbed more slowly, the urine would seep through to the bottom and stick to the base of the cat toilet. The COSYCAT clumping litter prevents this because our plant fibres instantly trap the urine. The liquid forms stable clumps as soon as it comes into contact with the top layer of the litter. The remaining litter thus stays clean.

Little to no dust

With our special manufacturing process, we make sure that COSYCAT consists of tight and at the same time soft particles. The particles are large enough not to stick to the cat’s fur or paws. And they don’t have any harmful effect for the respiratory tract of the cat and the cat owner. Our cat litter produces little to no dust, even when poured into the litter tray.

Our clumping cat litter

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