Clumping litter – good for cats and the environment

COSYCAT is a clumping litter that is very absorbent and traps odours quickly and securely. The clumping cat litter does not contain any perfumes or chemicals and is manufactured from 100% untreated wood fibres. Your cat will love the natural wood smell!

Clumping litter – good for cats and the environment

Clumping litter with outstanding properties

Cat litter must fulfil many different demands. COSYCAT offers outstanding properties, which meet the requirements of both cats and cat owners. Let COSYCAT convince you:

  • Fast clumping
  • Stable clumps
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Odour-binding
  • Antibacterial
  • Little dust
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight

Extremely stable clumps

The COSYCAT cat litter absorbs the urine instantly and binds it. The clumps start forming as soon as the cat starts urinating. After only a few minutes the clumps are so stable and tight that they don’t fall apart even when they fall from a greater height. This makes it easy to clean the litter box thoroughly every time the cat visits the box. The box is free of unpleasant odours because no urine residues remain in the cat toilet. You can remove the clumps easily with a litter scoop. The video below shows the excellent clumping properties of COSYCAT.

Lightweight and economical to use

Wood fibres are the raw material and turn COSYCAT into a clumping litter that has little weight. It is easy for you to transport the litter and fill the cat toilet with it. Moreover, the fibres with their extreme absorbency of 800% ensure that the litter is very economical. Only few fibres are needed to form a clump. The remaining fibres stay clean and can be used for several weeks. Top up the litter box with fresh litter from time to time to ensure the layer is thick enough. The thickness of the layer is essential for stable clumps to form. Depending on the cat size and the number of visits to the toilet, the clumping litter can remain in the box for several weeks. From time to time, it is necessary to clean the cat toilet completely to prevent odours from taking hold in the box. For detailed information on cleaning the cat toilet, see Application.

Ecological clumping litter: friendly to the environment

COSYCAT is manufactured from untreated wood. The wood originates from sustainably managed forests and is PEFC certified. This organic raw material is ground into wood fibres and further processed into granules. The particles are comfortably soft for the cat and at the same time large enough not to stick to the cat’s paws. The cat litter is a 100% natural product because it doesn’t contain any chemical additives. Whether in a composting facility or incineration plant, the clumping litter can be disposed of in principle without harming the environment. Consult the regulations of your local disposal company to find out if the cat litter can be disposed of in the organic waste bins in your region. You can also dispose of single urine clumps in a flushing toilet. We recommend to wait an instant until the clumps starts dissolving. Then flush it down. For further information on the ecological aspect, see Environment.

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