Flushable cat litter – easy to dispose of

Do you wish to dispose of your cat litter in the toilet? No problem with our flushable cat litter COSYCAT. COSYCAT is an organic clumping litter made from wood fibres and is not harmful to the environment.

Flushable cat litter - easy and eco-friendly disposal

What is clumping litter?

When clumping litter comes into contact with liquid, it forms clumps, which can be removed with a litter scoop. Clumping litters differ in absorbency, clump stability and in how they are manufactured. Only biodegradable clumping litters are suitable for disposal in the toilet.

Our biodegradable cat litter COSYCAT is manufactured from PEFC-certified timber. We process the timber into fine wood fibres and then into soft granules using exclusively mechanical procedures. Since the litter has an absorbency of more than 800%, only a few granules are needed to absorb fairly large amounts of urine. In addition, the particles bind odours fast and securely. Not only is the manufacture of our biodegradable cat litter eco-friendly, its disposal is too. COSYCAT is an organic flushable cat litter, which saves the environment.

Cleaning the litter box – how often?

Hygiene is very important to your cat. It doesn’t like unclean boxes that emit an unpleasant smell. If you want your feline companion to feel comfortable, clean the litter box at least twice a day. It is best if you use a scoop for our COSYCAT litter to remove the clumps and solids. Thus, you create a feelgood climate for your cat. The residual litter remains in the box. From time to time, top up the tray with fresh litter.

The size of your cat and the number of visits to the toilet determine the cleaning intervals for the cat toilet: a big tomcat usually leaves more urine in the box than a small, young kitten. A rule of thumb for our clumping cat litter is to remove all the litter from the box and clean out the tray at least every 6 to 8 weeks.

Correct disposal of flushable cat litter

The wood fibres in the COSYCAT litter absorb a lot of liquid and form stable clumps. In contact with larger amounts of water, however, they dissolve again. Disposing of the clumps in a flush toilet is therefore not a problem. If you wait a few moments before activating the flush, the clumps have time to soften and will not overload the plumbing system. We recommend using the toilet only for small amounts; dispose of the remaining litter with household waste. Litter that has been cleaned from faeces and urine clumps can also be disposed of in the organic waste bin or on the compost heap. Please observe the local waste disposal regulations.

Advantages of COSYCAT

COSYCAT offers many advantages from manufacture to disposal. The cat litter:

  • Is sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Creates a pleasant climate for the cat
  • Is easy to dispose of

Our eco-friendly COSYCAT litter is manufactured from wood fibres that originate exclusively from PEFC-certified forests, conserving the environment and timber resources. Cats like the extreme absorbency and odour-binding capacity of the litter in the box. And since the litter is unscented, it pleases the cat’s delicate sense of smell. The diverse disposal options and low weight of the litter are beneficial for cat lovers.

For more advantages of our COSYCAT clumping litter, see our Advice section.

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