Inappropriate urination of cats

The best tips for cat owners!

Inappropriate urination of cats – the best tips

The best tips against inappropriate urination of house cats.

  • A cat must feel comfortable
  • The reason for a cat not using the litter box is frequently fear, stress, jealousy or dissatisfaction. If you succeed in eliminating the cause, the cat will stop urinating outside the litter box.
  • Your cat may be ill
    Visiting the vet may help to rule out an illness such as a bladder infection. Sometimes castration may stop urinating problems. This can best be determined in consultation with your vet.
  • Cats don’t like certain odours
    Sometimes cats urinate outside the litter box as a reaction to other odours because the box isn’t clean enough or has an artificial smell. The only thing that helps is to clean the litter box regularly and thoroughly with an odour-neutral agent and to use an unscented cat litter.
  • Your cat doesn’t like the cat toilet
    Cats are very sensitive with regard to size and type of litter box; they may be sensitive to whether the box has a cover or not, for example. Try out whether a bigger box or taking off the cover is the solution.
  • Your cat doesn’t like the new litter
    Cats are sometimes sensitive to a change in cat litter type. If you want to use another cat litter, mix the old type with the new one for a while until the cat gets used to the new type.
  • Your cat doesn’t like the location of the litter box
    Inappropriate urination can sometimes be a reaction to the cat toilet being located in an unfavourable place. Most cats like a protected, warm spot. The only thing that helps is to place the litter box in different locations; this is the fastest way to find out if the location was the cause of the cat urinating elsewhere.
  • Your cat urinates repeatedly outside the box
    If a cat urinated in the apartment once, it may repeat this behaviour. The reason for this is that it smells its own urine and tends to go on the same spot again and again. You should therefore clean the spots thoroughly with a vinegar-based cleaner, for example, so that the cat doesn’t smell the urine anymore. Moreover, a cat will never urinate near its feeding bowl. Sometimes it may help to place the bowl in a location where the cat has already peed. Or you cover the spots at risk with tinfoil because cats don’t like walking on a rustling surface.

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