Non-clumping wood pellet cat litter

COSYPET non-clumping wood pellet cat litter is biodegradable and 100% environmentally sustainable.

Many cat lovers wish to contribute to a cleaner environment. That’s why they choose a biodegradable cat litter. Now, you can offer your feline friend COSYPET – a non-clumping wood pellet litter which is kind to the environment during manufacture and disposal.

Non-clumping wood pellet cat litter - 100% ecologically sustainable

Natural and sustainable wood pellet litter

COSYPET consists of untreated wood, which is obtained from sustainably managed forests. Using mechanical means, we grind the wood into plant fibres, which we then process into pellets. We don’t use any chemical additives during manufacturing. Even scents are superfluous because our COSYPET wood litter has an agreeable natural timber fragrance. Since COSYPET is manufactured in a completely climate-friendly manner, you’ll get a product that is entirely sustainable.

Advantages of wood pellet litter

Our non-clumping wood pellet cat litter offers many advantages for humans, animals and the environment. COSYPET is:

  • 100% ecologically sustainable
  • extremely absorbent
  • rapidly effective
  • odour-binding
  • antibacterial
  • unscented
  • without chemical additives
  • virtually dust-free
  • compostable
  • biodegradable

Cat lovers who seek a cost-efficient plant-based cat litter will find a suitable alternative in COSYPET. The non-clumping wood pellet cat litter is not only kind to the environment; it’s also kind to your purse. The wood pellet size offers another benefit, especially to owners of longhair cats. Since the pellets are bigger than usual litter particles, they don’t get entangled so easily in the cat’s fur.

How does non-clumping wood pellet cat litter work?

COSYPET is a wood litter that isn’t just suitable for cats. Being extremely absorbent and odour-binding, it also provides small animals such as rodents with a cosy home. As soon as the compressed pellets come into contact with urine, they swell until they finally disintegrate into sawdust. You should empty the litter tray completely and clean it after 1 week at the latest. If using a sieve litter tray, the wood litter lasts much longer. The crumbled pellets fall into the bottom tray, while the dry pellets remain in the upper tray, which you top up from time to time with fresh wood litter. This way, you only dispose of the pellets that haven’t come into contact with liquid. For your cat to feel comfortable, we recommend removing the excretions twice a day.

Environment-friendly disposal

The non-clumping wood pellet cat litter is ecologically sustainable in its manufacture. Even when disposed of, the litter is kind to the environment because it’s compostable and biodegradable. You have the following options for disposing of the wood litter:

  • in the organic waste bin
  • with household waste

Please note that there are regional differences in the organic waste bin regulations. You should contact your waste disposal company before disposing of your wood cat litter with your organic waste.

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